This website has been established to make the booking process as simple and streamlined as possible, this allows the artist to minimize administration time to spend more time collaborating with clients and working on Designs.

Of course if you have any questions not answered here you are welcome contact via the contact form on the home page.


Amber works from a private studio located in Inner Sydney, Australia - Rising tide Studio -
The Studio is open by appointment only.

Ocassionally Amber will also travel to complete guest spots - plans to travel will be updated on social media accounts -


The best way to make a booking is via the bookings page
There are two options available for new bookings:

Online Consultations - This was established as many clients in the past did not need a consultation as their ideas were very similar to Ambers existing porfolio and they were happy to give creative freedom with minimal restrictions. This process is suitable for those clients who are open and trusting of the artists style or for those clients who are not sydney based and cannot come into the studio for a consultation.

In person Consultations - This is a standard method if you have a particular idea in mind that may need a bit of explanation to ensure the Artists understands your idea correctly. While custom ideas can be accomodated due to Amber's large work flow she is focusing predominanlty on pieces similar to her existing style

If you are unsure of which of these categories you fit into you are welcome to use the general contact form on the home page to chat about any questions you have


The Deposit is strictly non-refundable and non-transferrable.

The Deposit price varies on the size of the piece from $200 - $500
The Deposit comes off the final price of the tattoo upon completion unless:

- You give less than 4 days full notice to any changes to the appointment time
- You come to your appointment intoxicated of under the influence
- You are unreasonably late to your appointment and have not attempted to contact the studio or artist to notify them.
-You do not provide photo indentification for proof of age upon request
- You come to your appointment with damage to the area to be tattooed eg: sunburnt

- Deposits are valid for 1 year from the first appointment

- Deposits are only valid for the design idea discussed during the consult process.
- Large changes or changes that contradict what was discussed will forfeit the deposit
- Minor changes may be accomodated within reason
- Design time is included in the tattoo cost
- However excessive changes to the design may incur a drawing fee

This deposit policy has been established to ensure each client receives fair and even treatment as unexpected or late notice changes in appointments are difficult to accomodate and result in time being taken away from other clients.


Custom tattoo's are charged on time, in inciments of 15 minutes at $200 per hour.

Quotes can be given for tattoo ideas during the consultation process when we have a clear idea of what is involved in the tattoo.
The quotes are an expected time frame for the tattoo only they are not set prices.
The tattoo is charged based on the final time required to complete the tattoo and may fluctuate from the quote given based on factors we cannot control, or did not expect. Such as how well you are able to sit for the tattoo, your skin type, how your body responds to receiving a tattoo etc.

Alternatively premade tattoo flash are done at set prices with restrictions on size and locations.New available flash designs are posted on social media and updated on the SHOP section of my website.

If you would like to receive a quote before coming in for a consultation please email through as much information as you can including size/ location/ descirption/ references of similar looking tattoos; and I will do my best to give you a rough quote.


Yes, I can do coverups

Coverup of tattoos depend a great deal on the original tattoo/ size and location
Generally there is limited options for what will work to cover an existing tattoo

While some coverups and ideas are very easy to accomplish others may not be possible without large changes or laser removal

For coverups in person consultations are best, but online consultations can be done if you are open to ideas and options that work best


No, Amber strictly tattoos 18 year olds and over even with parents consent


Studio Consultations are generally 1-2 weeks wait depending on your schedule.

Tattoo appointments do change during the year, as a general rule:
Weekday appointments are approximately 6-12 weeks wait depending on your availability.
Weekends appointments are limited and in higher demand for a 10-16 week wait.

I try to keep my appointment schedule as short wait a wait as possible, by focusing only on pieces that match my style, but the schedule will fluctuate slightly during the year.


The best way to contact Amber is via email

She will always endeavour to respond to every email, however sometimes she may be late with responses or have missed/ lost an email
Please be patient but if you have not heard back after 4 days please email her again, any lack of response is not intentional and a follow up email is very appreciated.

For urgent contact only you can use the studio number to leave a message - this will be forwarded to Amber as soon as possible


No, under no circumstance tattoo someone pregnant or breastfeeding.

While I understand there is no definitive proof for breastfeeding that it has any effect it is still considered unnecessary risk due to risk of infection from the open wound.
While the risk is small I will not take any action that may risk the health of a child.

I recommend waiting until finished breastfeeding when it is completely safe to do so.


Amber will endeavour to get sketches for your design emailed to you approximately 5 days before your appointment.

Please understand that while Amber will try to get design sketches sent through the week before your appointment - all designs are completed outside of work hours.
Each week is different and may involve reschedules or changes to other designs or ideas; these changes may take away from available drawing time each week, and may result in running late with your design.

Please understand that this is the reason that the booking system, deposit policy and design process are so strict. Late cancelations or unexpected changes will take time away from other clients.

If you are unsure on not being able to see you design sooner, unfortunately I do not have the free time to accomodate extra projects in my regular work week, as I want to treat all clients fairly, so I recommend only making a booking if you are comfortable with my work and process.


I work by appointment only within these time frames:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
10am - 6pm

Consultations are done each fortnight on Thursdays
10am - 6pm


Different Styles of tattooing cause different damage to the skin
So different healing methods may be recommended depending on the tattoo you received and how your body responded during the tattoo process.

Amber has worked on a specific after care instruction that she has found to be the most effective method of healing her style of work, following these instructions closely will result in the best healed result

After the tattoo Amber will discuss the tattoo aftercare process specific to your tattoo and also has these available in a take home sheet should you need.
If for any reason you have lost this sheet, or would like a reminder, or have any questions or concerns during the healing process please use the general contact form on the home page and Amber will discuss these details with you